pic: Team 522, McKee H.S. and The World Champion Robo Wizards

Thanks again to our winning alliance partners, teams 296 and 217. It’s been a great ride!

I love this robot and this team. For those who didn’t see them in action at the Championship, the Robo Wizards’ drivers were awesome at keeping opposing rampcampers from scoring, and even managed to block 25 from getting off more than a couple shots during the second period of Einstein final 1, just by strafing back and forth in front of them. Then, at the whistle, 522 charged down the field and emptied their load into the 3-point goal!

We and the ThunderChickens were really surprised and happy to find that 522 hadn’t yet been picked when the serpentine draft finally got back to us in the #1 spot, considering what we knew they were capable of.

It was a pleasure working with you!

You guys were awesome, you charisma and enthusiasm, it was great being on your alliance at NJ,

Congratulations, on your amazing victory

on a side note…i miss the purple hair :stuck_out_tongue:

Congratulations again that was a great robot, as well as a great drive team. Someone already mentioned you guys taking on 25, the play was smart and aggressive, the driving was amazing too. Team 522 definitely deserves to be world champions. Great finals matches guys well played.


Congrats guys!! Our neighbor in the PITS

Thanks for letting me borrow your battery tester. Since I left our back at the shop.
Thanks And CONGRATS!!!