pic: Team 522, McKee HS.and The Robo Wizards newest girl!


Here she is! Please allow me to introduce our newest and finest girl yet. Her name is Annie. "A picture is worth a thousand words". But you can meet her up-close and personal. She will be in attendance at the N.J. and also the Toronto Regional competitions. She looks forward to meeting your acquaintance.

Good job guys. Is that reversed IFI/McMaster Carr treading material on those tank treads?

And can you harvest off the floor? It looks like a human player loading only bot. How many balls can you store? 9?

Do you have any problems with your hopper jamming? And do you have any extra shielding for those shooter wheels? (I’m not sure if that would pass inspection as is.

Can’t wait for Trenton…I’m so excited!!

I would agree…other than that it looks great (I am a big fan of treads). Some lexan shielding will probably be needed.

That is the heaviest looking 120 pounds I’ve ever seen.

i thought you werent allowed to damage the game piece

i would also be worried about field damage, those balls look pretty beat up.

nice robot must have great torque
does it have the clearance for the ramp?
you guys are going to Trenton? you are going to be some competition to fear
and that doesn’t look like a fire blanket in the background