pic: Team 522, McKee HS. and The Robo Wizards


Shipping day has arrived. It’s been a long six weeks. Here the “Fed Ex Man” takes Annie away for a weeks rest of peace and solitude before she has to “strut her stuff”.

Each time you ship your robot:

  1. You must ship the 12VDC batteries inside their original box or carton packaging
  2. You must use the Styrofoam covering with protective caps covering the battery terminals.
  3. Secure the boxed batteries inside the “inner battery box” section of the robot crate in an upright
    position. The photograph below is a sample of an inner battery box built to comply with regulations.

This is from the FIRST Manual…I was just curious, as your photo says no battery.

Were we not required to ship a battery? If this is true I wasted 20 good minutes slapping that useless box in my crate with a worn out old battery inside. :frowning: