pic: Team 522's newest "girl"


Everyone, we’d like to present the RoboWizards’ newest “girl”. Her name is Cleo. Short for Cleopatra. Yes, she is our Queen.She is 119# of sheer strength and beauty. She is tall and statuesque. But please don’t for a moment think she’s a pushover.It’s easier to move the Pyramids than it is to move her when she commands her loyal servants to put her where she deems necessary.Be nice to her and she will allow you to also serve.

She is purdy, I cant wait to see it at Nats

lol Its lookes like it has Duct tape for weels X)

When the competition is over you could consider selling your base as a sculpture!

That is a great looking base. What kind of tread are you using on your wheels and what is its coefficient of friction? Also, what is the material wrapped around the bottom CIM motor in the GB?

Awesome base 522,

Nice looking base, but one thing you might want to consider. It is illegal to insert something under another robot and lift. While your wedge technically shouldnt violate that if you run into another robot (at least were hoping our wedges dont…), you should consider that if another robot runs up onto that wedge, and gets up as high as the wheels then you go into reverse you will technically be inserting something under a robot and lifting. Just something to consider.

Overall I love the robot. The pic is cool too. I spent a minute looking at that bar that appears to be on the back of the chassis, but yet the chain goes behind it… I thought you had somehow photoshopped it to make an optical illusion until I noticed where the bar actually goes :smiley: .

love the protruding front wheels

nice job and best of luck

It looks very nice! Hopefully you won’t have to replace/repair any of the electronics during competitions; I know I wouldn’t want to stick my hand in there!

Gorgeous bot, though!

Beautiful Name to a beautiful girl