pic: Team 53 optic^3

mmmmmmmmmmmmm look at the milling job and the nice price tags only 53 dollars. w00t w00t. Nice robot eh

the coolest part is the spirals on the wheels

I hate your hubs. They’re gona make watching your robot horrible, everyone’s gona be dizzy.

All the better. If the hubs help us woohoo for spiral hubs. I mean our team name is "Illusion."You should expect nothing less.

i love the spirals nice effect we thoughta bout doing rims on are but then we enclosed are wheels so it wouldnt of work so what does you robot do stack?

we make a stack of five pretty quickly and we can stack with many different orientations.

mmmmmmmmmm all those holes in chassis… mmmmmmmm Milling machine, haugghhhh.

YES, stack we can. Unlike all the other years that the previous robots did not want to work, this bad boy got its DEPENDS on!

You had thought you won the match but it was only an Illusion