pic: team 53 - optic cubed

You like. This bot is extremely fast and the under side has deployable caster so that it can turn on a dime. Literaly. This bar can then be turned into a bar that secures the bot for king of the hill. it has a special rubber. Belive me it wont budge one deployed. This bot can limbo and can lift four boxes and maybe more. Wait till you see our autonomous mode. :slight_smile: suprise suprise. The pbasic for optic cubed is a beauty. Oh and yes those are pneumatic tires.

what do you peeps think.
Oh and we will be at chesapeake bay regionals. So get ready. w00000t

I like your light enclosure.

very nice robot :cool:

Optic cubed? Did you actually use optics? Are you able to detect the retro-reflective tape or line track?
We will be coming to Chesapeake with Sparky 4.0. Maybe we can hook-up then.

Yes we have both of the capabilities and coded well i might add. Yeah i hope to see sparky at the chesapeake regionals