pic: Team 537's 2007 F.R.C. Competition Robot


There it is. 6 axis of motion in the arm.

What are you using to control that beast of an arm?

And how/why did you decide on 6 axes?

ND controls the “mast” rotation via a timing belt which is monitored by an encoder and a limit switch. two pistons raise the “mast” section up and down and is monitored via magnetic sensors to sense the piston flange position. The “elbow” rotation utilizes two window lift motors (a right and left hand) to rotate two hand manufactured sprockets and a timingbelt. This is monitored by an encoder, a potentiometer, and an accellerometer. The “boom” extention is driven by a banebot motor geared up to a threaded rod and is monitored with an encoder and two limit switches. finally the two sections of claw (top and bottom) are controled by pistons and are separately controled to open individually.

yes, it is a beast. But the whole assembly weighs 20lbs or so. It works fairly well, giving the drivers a wide variety of motions and ways around obsticles that the robot might face at a competition.

Hope thats enough information, haha.