pic: Team 540 Button Cloak

This cloak was worn by our driver, Matt Schubert, at the NASA/VCU Regional. He will also wear it at Championships. Also Jeff wore it during an elimination match and during the finals.

We are going to Championships. Could everyone come by out pit and give us a button. We’d love to get as many as possible.

You got a lot of buttons. One of the guys on your team kept coming to our pits. I gave buttons to everyone that came to our pits. I am sure you have a bunch of ours. See you guys at Championship.

You guys were at VCU right? Did you manage to pick up a 2186 westfield robotics pin?


yeah shoobs button cloak!

I’m not sure if we got a 2186 Westfield Robotics pin. Just in case we will take another one next time we see you.

It’s missing the jolly roger!:yikes:
We’ve gotta meet you some time, a button cloak just isn’t complete without at least one jolly roger.

some of those are from Champs last year … that thing was good luck during the finals!