pic: Team 540 teaser #1c: Monster gearbox, clothed

Our crazy gearbox all closed up and ready for business. What could we possibly want with three shafts? (Hint: We’re only using two.)

I have a guess. I think that one shaft will be used to wind up something that will tension your kicking mechanism and then another shaft (which will spin about 1/5th the other shafts speed) will be used to activate the mechanism that will trigger the kicker. This way you get 5 spins of the tensioning shaft before having to kick. Just 1 guess though.

I didn’t actually mean to create a thread for this picture, the system must’ve done something weird. But whatever, people can talk about it if they want to. Any guesses as to what it’s for? :rolleyes:

Edit: Looks like someone got to it first.

When i replied to the picture from the gallery it automatically created a thread for discussion.

When you say somebody got to it first do you mean that my guess was correct?

Oh, so that’s what happened. It’s odd because at first your response didn’t show up and…well whatever. Anyways, I didn’t mean you were right, sorry. It was a good guess though. The gearbox does have something to do with our kicker. :rolleyes:

one shaft to kick, one to climb the tower, and the 3rd is to switch them?

Pretty close. The third one actually isn’t used for anything, but yes, the first one is for the kicker and the other one runs a winch. We’ve got an…interesting way to do this without running both at the same time. :rolleyes:

One way bearings?

You got us! I’ll post a whole picture of the system sometime next week. It works surprisingly well.

Where did you get the 1-way bearings? Are you using the ones off of bike freewheels, or did you get them from some special source?

We got them from a specific manufacturer and pressure fit them into sprockets. I’ll find out where we got them tomorrow and post it here.

So ones for the kicker and the others for the Winch… so is the third just for support?