pic: Team 548 Cart

Just a shot of our robot cart, i believe we got 13 warnings for Excessive Noise!!!
The Bling Crew, did an amazing job with this one.

that is awesome i wanted to do something like that. Out of everyone on are team i am the one that puts all the crap on my car and i have 2 12’s sitting in my room and countless other parts i dont use that i would donate but we decided not to do it casue of the noise and the mentors didnt like the idea…go figure

nice lights…

I remember hearing this in the upper bowl at the Great Lakes regional… over the music that FIRST was playing.

It was a cool idea, but was a little annoying in that back pits. Loud speakers + close walls = very loud sound

At least they played good music though. Maybe just turn it down a bit next time… at least until you have open area :slight_smile:

The louder the better…:slight_smile:

you had 12’s you were going to donate? now you tell me Ryan, im sure we couldve snuck them in there somewhere.

holy crap thats amazing!!! hope to see that cart at nationals

that has got to be the sickest cart ever. better than ours. just a four wheel red cart that has off-road tires. Did the staff tell you to turn it down when you were in the pit area?

Oh you will see us at the nationals alright, the cart too :slight_smile:

Yes, we have had many warnings for excessive noise, but somehow we got away with it … i guess people liked our music :slight_smile:

After we won the Pittsburgh regional, we just turned it up as loud as we could and it was just amazing! … i didn’t think they cared about the loud music then … :wink:

nice nice cart.
our cart consisted of two guys.
four legged drive.
tank steering… as a matter of fact, any steering thinkable.
fuel = donuts

how did you guys get blaupunkt to donate the sound system?

oh, yea, the cart was sweet, i love the lights that pulse to the beat of the music playing.

totally awesome, what division will you be in at nationals?

Did that cart cost more than your robot?

Wow. Our cart is a green plastic wagon. lol. That’s awesome. :smiley:

Just to answer some quetions … We will be in the curie division … our cart with all the equipment on it is probably worth more than our robot, but all the things we have on it was donated by Blaukpunt.

We saw your cart at Great Lakes. It was impressive, to say the least.

hows about some info on what is on there, what amps what speakers, hows it powered…

Thanks to Dusan, now we get to brag about our cart.
I’m one of the 6 students that built the cart. We built it after school on our own time with no engineer help what so ever ( I know it’s hard to believe but it’s true).
We estimate the cost of it to be somewhere around $2500-$3500. It is made out of plexiglass and extruded aluminum (FMS), except for the “control box” which is made out of MDF board.
The system includes:
2 x 12" transparent woofers @ 200 Watts rms each
2 x 350 watts rms amps each
1 head unit @ 100 watts rms
4 x 6"x9" @ 210 watts peak each
2 x 6.5" i think about 180 watts peak each
2 x 5.5" not sure about these ones either
2 x tweeters @ 70 watts rms each
1 x 5 CD changer
We maxed out the amps and head unit, so our total wattage is at 800 watts rms (god only knows what the peak is)

The lights include 5 red neons and 6 blue ones all vibrating to the music. The reds and blues are hooked up on separete circuits so they can run separately or together.

We also have a fog machine hooked up and we can route the fog either in the woofers chambers, outside or through our "dual exhaust" in the back. We also have a horn.
Everything is run on 2, 12V deep cycle marine bateries. The sound and lights are hooked up to one and the inverter for the fog machine to the other. 
I think that's all. :D If u have any more questions just post 'em

 548  Robostangs
 Northville, MI

we didn’t even have a cart :frowning: hopefully next year