pic: Team 548 Robostangs 2009 FRC Robot

This is our robot for the 2009 season. We worked extremely hard as a team, overcame many challenges, and proved that innovation can truly be created in 6 weeks. This robot is by far the Robostangs most involved robot. This year we had the largest team in history and it was both a challenge and a blessing to have the amount of students present. The team dedicated thousands of hours of design, testing, and fabrication which in essence turned our ideas into a reality. The entire robot was student designed, programmed, and fabricated. There are many amazing things on this robot, and we are hoping that it will be a great contender in this year’s competition. I would like to personally thank everyone who helped us throughout this season. I would especially like to thank our main sponsors General Motors and Vector Can-Tech. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask. We hope to see you all at the Michigan regional’s and nationals in Atlanta. Good luck everyone, see you at the competitions.

Great looking machine guys, I’m looking forward to seeing it in action this weekend. Good Luck!

Thanks, we hope to see you guys as well…

Wowzers, that bot looks beasty, any specs on it?:yikes:

Sure here is some info…

Intake roller with flails elevates balls to two separate ramps evenly. The balls are then dropped down the ramps into the launch prep stage. There is a cam in the back of the bot, that pulls balls from each side into the elevator in the back, thus creating two loading bays. The balls then fly up the elevator to the shooter turret. From there, the camera locks onto a target and uses distance to correctly shoot the balls into a hopper.

Traction Control
4 Wheel Swivel Steer
Roller Intake
Cam/Elevator Feeding Mechanism
170 degree turret.
Camera aim/speed control.
3 balls / sec.