pic: Team 548 Scouting Program Picture 1

This is our 2007 competition scouting program. We wrote it in VB6 durring the down time between shiping and competition. Right now its only set to list all the teams in the GLR. It has an awsome GUI thats all organized into seperate tabs and regions of the screen. It also has cool sound effects from Hal9000. It saves everything in a Excel spreadsheet so the info can be opened without the program. Keep checking photos for more pics.

Hey, looks really great. Is this going to be something that will be shared with other teams at GLR? or is it private.

Originally I made this program just for our team. It is user friendly but only for the user. There is no set up or configuration because I never thought I would be sharing the program with other teams. I figured I would just set it up at the regional on one of our team member’s laptops and that would be it. Nobody else would have to set it up or know how to add or remove teams from the database. Also there are certain parts of the program that are tailored to our robot. For example, one of the data fields is wheel space dimensions. If the dimensions are > or < certain amounts, it will mark the robot as compatible with our ramps. Also, the way teams are ranked in order to get the best idea of who to pick for our alliance teams is based around how well they will work with our robot. There’s also a number of things that I wanted to put in to the program but didn’t have the time. Had I known other teams would be interested I would have made it distributable. The one nice thing though is that it is just a stand-alone .exe. You don’t have to open up LabView, or Visual Studio, or some other program to run it in. I am going to completely overhaul the program over the post season so I can put in all the things that I wanted to but couldn’t. Keep checking chief delphi and www.robostangs.com during the post season to get a peek at some of the new features. One of the things I can say about the new version for 2008 is that it will be distributable for other teams, it will be SQL based which will be much more efficient and fast (right now it uses a slow excel automation system), and will have a search function that will be extremely extensible because it will let you write your own SQL query. Thanks for your interest. I never thought so many people would be interested in my software.:slight_smile:

Hey, yeah it looks really good, and i like the idea of how the program is tailored to your robot. Like you said it would be really interesting to distribute. My team has had some success in the past years with a wireless continuously updated scouting system that we call “Gear head crossing” or GHX which ranks robots individually through match performance. Most notably winning the sportsmanship award in Waterloo last year and really helping a rookie team chose alliance partners. We are planning to run it again at GLR. you can check it out at http://gearheadcrossing.org/ This is last years info, which will be purged for this years updated stuff at GLR, more information about the server can be found here. http://gpgearheads.org/31
didn’t mean to turn this into a sales pitch, just meant to show that shared scouting is rewarded for its gracious professionalism and hoping to help inspire you to peruse it in the future.

That sounds awesome. We were considering making our system wireless but we couldent because of the way the program is built. If two people tried to access the data at the same time it would either corrupt the .xls file or make one of the open programs crash. Maybe we can do that next year once our program is upgraded to use SQL.