pic: Team 548 Teaser (What could this be?)

This is a little part of something that we have been cooking up for the 2009 competition… Anyone know what this is for?

maybe, a gate to stop balls from going into your shooting device:confused:

ELABORATE camera mount? if so looks good.

Ganging servos… I’ll go with gorilla. Either that or it’s an aiming device power source.

I agree Eric. It looks like all 3 servos will be put to use for 1 thing that turns. That 1 thing will go in the middle of all the servos.

Well whatever it is, apparently one servo wasn’t good enough…

Hint: We finally found a lightweight solution…

Driving your turning with servos?

A nice looking piece of art :stuck_out_tongue:

is it some odd method for turning ur bot on a little to no traction?

i agree that it is a gate for a shooter. however if you have any pneumatics whatsoever on your robot, that thing is completely over kill because you could use one of the rotary actuators(what were using)

Perhaps that’s what he meant by saving weight, as pneumatics adds a lot of unnecessary weight to the robot. (Tanks, Solenoids, Spikes, Heavy Actuators, Compressor if you use it)

Two answers:

  1. Doesn’t matter. They’ll never get all those servos synchronized anyway!

  2. It’s rotating something heavy. How about a rotating shooter?

I’ll go out on a limb and say it’s for rotating one (or maybe all three?) swerve modules. But that doesn’t make sense, so i agree that it rotates a shooter.

It looks like a Spirograph. I expect nobody knows what that is anymore:(

I do I do!!! w000!!! lol
And while that wasn’t my first though, I do see the connection now, & agree! lol

Anyways, looks like you’re trying to make a cam type device in a very unique way.

Are you kidding? I have arthritic fingers today thanks to my Spirograph. Kids today will never know what they’re missing…

Thats real constructive…

We’ll see what your saying when we’re loading down your trailer and incurring a G14.

Defiately a turret mount

raises hand D: I do!!!

I have a Spirograph at home, but now i try to draw the figures in a polar equations (yeah i know its sad, or geeky, but what every).
And i’m a teenager…

It looks like it’s going to make something rotate, I don’t know what that something is, but it’s going to rotate. And it’s big/heavy, because one servo wouldn’t turn it, it takes three.