pic: Team 555 Teaser 3


The single most important part on our robot this year.

An axle with slits for the keys?

This is my first attempt at guessing a part. Ever. Don’t explode on me when/if I’m wrong, please?

i see its hollow… and has a set screw like thing… hmm…
a spacer?? but i dont see the point in taking so much time making a spacer so probably not. but thats just me. maybe i’m too lazy?

So it looks like 696 isn’t the only one who mills their own keyways.

You are correct. Making your own keyways isn’t uncommon in the FIRST world.

And it’s very handy, as this part proves. [Whatever it is] works perfectly!

And the nice part about milling your own is that you can make eevry order a custom job: like milling a 1/8" keyway in a 3/8" shaft like we did.

Hmm, that looks Awfully familliar, where have I seen that before…
Oh yeah, on our bot!
Yeah we’ve got a peice quite similar, only our ends are tapped instead of the center being opened for a shaft. But i’ll bet it’s for the same thing, so I won’t say. Or at least, something similar. :smiley:

mill? hahaha…broach, press, and a hammer is the way to go woohoo…

I learned broaching last week. It is the coolest thing. You all should try it. I think someday I will open a broaching shop.

I would guess a shaft for a gearbox. With two keyways cut in it it could accept two gears.

Umm part of that looks really thin. Will it hold? We had a piece that looked sortof alike made out of a steel with a hardness of 60 rockwell and we broke it. :ahh:

I think it could be like that robot from the movie Terminator that can morph to shape. :slight_smile:

Thats not much of a preview its like looking through the peep hole in your door except a lot smaller in diameter.

You could put a steel cable in the hole and use it like a pully mecanism to lift the robot up to the bar.