pic: Team 555 Teaser

To me, that doesn’t look like it will work to well. :wink:

Hehe…yea, I hate that team. :wink:
Nah, that’s just a shot of the drive train, I’m not sure who took it but it isn’t very good…

Nah, that’s just a shot of the drive train,

I know that the picture only shows the drivetrain…but you must have overlooked the cable that isn’t connected to anything :wink: .

Oh, no. This year we decided to go with a bluetooth robot.

a dual motor gearbox somewhat based on the 2001 Technokat Dual Motor Drive?

I could be wrong about this, but if you look closely you notice what looks like Fisher Price motors (without the big black gearbox) connected to the back of the drill motors.

It looks to me like it’s just drill motors in the plastic motor mounts from the kit. Any of us could have created this and most of us have. 'Kind of useless as a teaser since we all have this stuff.

I agree. I have no idea who uploaded it… :mad:

I’d put my 2 cents on Mr. Park

We’re using the rotary actuator in a unique way. The rotary actuator is off focus but you can see it in the background. Somehow we managed to use the rotary actuator and some parts we had laying around to build a mechanism that grabs the mobile goals. No specially designed parts, no fancy machinery, no engineers. But it works very nicely!!