pic: Team 555's robot: T.O.M.

Almost finished!! It just needs to be wired up and debugged.

Impressive and formidable looking!! Good luck…and happy four more days for improvement! :slight_smile:

Are those really zip ties on your wheels? :ahh:

yep they are, but we’re not sure if they’re legal or not. We’ve asked numerous times about the legality of it but no one has answered us :confused:

I’d like it if someone could first q + a that, since our MENTOR (glances at mr park) doesn’t know the password…

that’s one good looking robot :smiley:

Nice job - can I have it? :c)

zipties on your wheels are ok. lots of teams use them to allow skid steering - the rule is you cant damage the carpet or playfield. zipties are nylon- not a problem.

Great idea with the pneumatic lift on the arm at the base. We didn’t think of that. (putting that on the shelf of good ideas)
Other than that we have a similar design.

How are you controlling the movement of the arms? Joystick? Pots? Switches?

Looks like it should be a fun year to walk thru the pits

Luck to all, you can sleep this coming weekend

The arm is controlled by many controls:

  • Joysticks (inversed y-axes) for the elbow and wrist
  • Toggle-programmed joystick switches (triggers and thumb switches) for the claw and base cylinder
  • POV hat for the scissor lift

You can say that again!

The arms are on two joysticks, one for the elbow and one for the wrist. On the elbow joystick I can control the claw, and the base pneumatic cyclinder. And also the pneumatic cyclinder isn’t the only device that pulls the robot off the ground, we have a scissor lift under the arm.

Maybe… we still have time to build something fancy like #25’s for our controls!!