pic: Team 56 Positioning a Spoiler

As promised, here’s a picture of the Team 56 Pirate Ship in action putting a spolier on the top row. This year’s ROBBE XTREME is a fast, efficient tube scoring machine. Gang planks are optional.

Approximately how many undefended ringers can you put up?

The bot looks very nice.

when the arm is fully extended does it violate the 72" by 72" box rule?

At this point the most tubes we have put up is eight in a two minutes test. We think we can do better when we complete the programing to automate the arm/wrist position for each scoring location.

What tier were the tubes placed on?

The tubes were placed on a combination of all heights. It does take slightly longer to place on the top because of the elevator extension required to reach that level.

Also, the fully extend robot will just fit within the 72" x 72" box when oriented along the diagonal of the box.

can’t wait to see it in Florida. Can you provide more information about it? how fast is “speedy?” Does it shift? Is there a ramp I’m not seeing? I think I see a 6wd, what kind of wheels are you using?

I almost want to say it’s adorable :smiley:

It looks very nice. It’s a lot like our design.

Did you hand the ring to the gripper, or did it pick it up off the ground?

Assuming there is at least one finger underneath the ring, how do you get the finger under the ring, if it is on the ground, without pushing it?


I see a lot of your 05’ robot in this year’s bot. Very nice.

i see some 04, 05 resemblence there =D

if it works as good as those two are i cant wait to see you guys at nationals!!!

To those FIRST historians, yes we borrowed several design elements from the 2001, 2004 and 2005 robots. Hey, if it works don’t change it.

ROBBE has no ramps, however, we are very good ramp climbers. We built a practice ramp at 25 degrees and easily get up it. Top speed was clocked at 9.5 fps, the fastest robot we have ever built.

In term of the gripper I think I’ll keep the design details secret a lttle longer. You have to maintain some air of mystery.

I can hardly wait for the regional events in Florida and NYC.

I’m impressed :smiley:
Can’t wait to see it in person.

i cant wait to see it either… sorry i couldnt be around more jerry i know you absolutely LOVE having me around.