pic: Team 56 - ROBBE XTREME

Here’s a look at the 2012 version of ROBBE XTREME from Team 56.

Another up and over feeder huh? Looks like your electrical component placement heavily influenced you gathering system.
Why use the heavy conveyor belt?

Your design is interesting, good luck!

Looks awesome!! Good luck at the competitions!

Drivetrain? (for curiosities sake)

The conveyor belt is actually shelf liner(they mentioned it in a different thread), which is very light.

Do you have any trouble with the conveyor walking to one side or the other? We’ve tried something similar before, but could never seem to get things square enough to make it work right.

Looks nice, good luck!

I’m excited to see this thing in action. Looks like it’s a bridge only bot?

Check out this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfEVnR-d3UM&feature=youtu.be

Looks to be a good 'ol 6WD.

The key to getting the belt to track properly is to crown the rollers. We learned this trick with the 2009 robot.

Jerry, Good to see another great machine cant wait to see some videos… im excited about rutgers should be good.

Actually, the ball pick up design drove the placement of the electronics. Electronics are easy to move - you can be very creative if you need to fit them in a tight spot, stacking things up and such. Never let the electronics determine how the rest of your robot looks.

See you guys at Rutgers