pic: Team 5624 Steamworks Robot Teaser #3

Full STEAM Ahead as we finish up our final system for the robot, reveal coming next week, can’t wait to compete at Mount Olive District Event.

This looks excellent! Happy to see the quality of robots in MAR improving each year. Best of luck at Mt. Olive!

Sorry for my ignorance, but what wheels are you guys using?

They appear to be AndyMark Stealth wheels.

Looks great guys. Can’t wait to compete against you guys.

Why did you choose to make a dual horizontal flywheel design as opposed to a single shrouded shooter? Also what are you using to introduce balls into your flywheels?

Looking good! Good luck this year!

we chose a dual flywheel over single after a really bad experience last year with a single flywheel, as well as we don’t have the know how to correctly make a shroud. it’s bulky, but it has been tested to be consistent, introducing the balls to the shooter is still being worked on and finalized so we can shoot as fast as we possibly can