pic: Team 5624 Steamworks Robot Teaser

Team 5624 Tiger Tech is finishing up on mounting the last piece to the robot, then its ready for the bag. Featuring “Saddie”, the Head Coach’s dog.

I confess, I worry a lot about top-heavy robots in the tall configuration like this. You have a very small wheel base this year, and moreover the bumpers are literally right at ground level. The game looks like it will be a rough one with fast open-field collisions as robots do gear runs, and heavy defense. I suspect we’ll see quite a few toppled bots. I hope I’m wrong.


There were a couple of robots with high CoG at the Week Zero events we attended - both were having difficulties staying upright when they tried to stop after reaching top speeds. Make certain you get driver practice the next couple of days. Otherwise, the robot looks incredible; good luck this season!

Great job guys! Wow your robot looks great. I feel like when it comes down to the build season as a whole, it honestly never ends. Originally our team attempted to leave these last few days for solely driver control and autonomous testing. However just like everything in engineering, not all events went as planned. That is the beauty of FRC. That no matter how close you are to finishing, you are yet so far from perfection. Tomorrow it looks as if we only need to add 2 pieces of wood for our bumpers and make a minor change to our chassis. And then hopefully we will have the rest of the time for driver control.
Question: On average, about how long do teams give their drivers and programmers to practice tele-op and autonomous?

We normally try to have our drivers practice at least a week before competition on a practice chassis and then when the actual robot is done to practice on it.

We have a drive practice chassis (right dimensions, passive mechanisms, no climber) working about mid-build season, and did shakedown on the competition chassis Saturday evening, and will continue tonight and tomorrow.

It seems your ball retrieval mechanism is a little… ruff.