pic: Team 57 Revealed


Here’s our bot, we’re just a little slow on the scanning and all. Questions and comments are welcome and will be fielded by me.

i see that you guys sit high, you planning on going up the ramp, and if so why did you choose casters and how are they on the ramp. What exactley can your arm do?

That would be that we WERE trying to go up the ramp. we had issues with not turning with our 4-WD and the motors stalling because of it. then they’d come back on at full speed and the shock load was tearing a gear in our transmissions to shreds. The arm telescopes so that we can hook into the bar from the floor.

That arm looks quite familiar… Looks like you’re using the Fisher Price to move the arm up, are you using all of the gears that came in the gearbox? Also, how are you winching and pulling the robot up?

Looks very sleek, I like the black theme

There’s a winch directly beneath the base of the arm, with a spectra cable running up and through the inside of the arm. The winch is actually a small lightweight boat winch, currently driven by the WINDOW motor. We might be swapping in a drill mtor in low gear and engaging the racheting mechanism on the winch, since the WINDOW motor is a little slow at the moment. Luckily it’s mostly a drop in change since the input on the winch is now a 5/8" keyed shaft.