pic: Team 57 T-Shirt Teaser


At the behest of our graphics guy, I’m posting a teaser of our T-Shirt artwork. He thinks the stressed look is hot, so we’re going to lengths to make our shirts look as such. All the artwork is done by hand, though.

Wow. I’m intrigued. Looking forward to seeing a full picture.

Is it a cheetah?!..Is it a cheetah?!..Naw, I doubt it. I guess I have to wait til houston. Or until my team brings pictures back. We look forward to being down there with y’all again. Good luck. Really, Is it a cheetah?

PS. I want fuzzy ears.

Erm. Well considering our team name, a cheetah would be a bit of an odd animal to have on our T-Shirts. And fuzzy ears will probably be, as always, difficult to come by. No, asking me won’t help. I shall be busy running scoring and such. And paying attention this time so I won’t miss the start of a round like last year. Man was that embarrassing.

whoa… a t-shirt teaser. haha thats the first of seen of one of those

Personally, I think it looks like The Cheat. With spots. :smiley:

“the cheat, the cheat, the cheat, the cheat… go get me a drink” -SB
“Weeewrerererewwelkjerer” - TC
“Hey strong mad, go get me a drink” - SB
“More Like you get me a drink!” - SM
“Oh man, we need to think of a way to get some drinks, without actually having to get some drinks” - SB

This being my 100th post, im glad that it involved home star runner

This being a teaser, it’s only showing part of the leopard. It’s mostly intended to partially show off the distressed look that we’re going for and that I’ve been informed is the new hotness with all the kids these days. Having a disfunctional fashion sense, I wouldn’t know myself.

Oddly enough, though, just a few days ago I was telling my bro (our graphics designer) that it was now only a matter of time before FIRST had a team of Thnikkamen or some other Homestar related theme.