pic: Team 571 2009 Robot - "Tycho Drifter"

Team Paragon’s completed 2009 robot, “Tycho Drifter”

The ball pickup is driven by 2 CIMs, and the ball hopper has a gate and back which are pneumatically powered.

Also featured is a crab drive system, a new venture for team paragon, with drive powered by 2 CIMs and steering powered by 2 globes.

Weight: 119.2 lbs.

See you at BAE and CT!

WOW… Shiny.
is your shooter a little crooked. it looks off center in the picture.

I wish our robot was as shiny and kool as that 1…but o well…we shipped it and its not even finished :confused:

Those lights look so awesome!!!

It’s not really that crooked… I think it was just how this picture was taken.