pic: Team 573's 2010 OCCRA robot

Team 573 at the Diversity competition at Royal Oak High School. The game is called “Up and Over” and the main idea is similar to Junkyard Wars. To win, teams must have less balls on their side of the field than the other alliance. In this photo, 573 is launching a ball over the five foot fence.

Nice game!
Really good idea

Are those bricks? I always dreamed of being in such good shape on weight that we had to strap on bricks.

Having seen their robot, I can say that those are bricks. With some sharpie art on them, too.

OCCRA weight rules:
No bumpers, no bumper weight/size allowances or anything (None of the robots break from collisions either)
Battery included in weight
115lb max
5lb bonus for using pneumatics with compressor (compressor weighs about 5lbs)
Since 573 does not use pneumatics, their robot would weigh 115lbs including a battery, both IFI kit frames (bottom and top), CIM’s and Toughboxes, and those bricks.