pic: Team 578's 2011 robot

This is Red Raider Robotics’s entry for this year’s competition, Jemo (named after a great teacher from the school district who was tragically killed in a car accident while volunteering in Kenya recently). We’re excited about the potential this robot has to make some waves at the Finger Lakes Regional and Washington D.C.
2-stage elevator lifter capable of reaching all peg heights
Mecanum drive with about 15fps top speed
“Spreader” claw that easily grips all three tube shapes
Camera-assisted scoring
Minibot at just under 4 seconds to climb the pole

This is definatley our best robot ever

I hope nobody minds that I’m reviving an old thread but wow! That looks like a great robot. How did you guys do at comp? Team 578 is a great team and it was a pleasure to alliance with you at buckeye last year. Hope to see you at buckeye in 2012.

It was nice being on 3266’s alliance at Buckeye last year was a fun time!!! We got autonomous and mini bot working successfully by DC.

This year we got to the quarter finals at DC and seeded 19th there but we lost to the first seed alliance who won the whole regional. And at FLR we seeded 18th I believe it was and we didn’t get picked for eliminations.

We wish 3266 had a great season this year!!
Maybe in the future we will come to Buckeye again!!!

Good Luck in the Future!!!