pic: Team 578's Muted Cart

Well rules are rules, the team worshiped the sound box on the cart but we knew we had to take it off the cart. As a result we turned our team’s transport cart into something usefull that can store the tools we need during the competition. This was also one of the teams side projects during the build season.
It may not be the greatest but we are finally able to use it for something more meaning full and we are also able to transport it much easier.

We’re leaving our audio system on our cart, however, we are pulling the fuse for the stereo and amplifier. We still have our horn and siren though (for safety purposes of course :D)

Its a shame they changed the rules this year, I have blue prints ready for a cart using scrap extruded and shells of old robots. Let the olden tools and parts be used to let the robot roll in style. I was even trying to a put a George foreman grill on it. (If anyone can help with that aspect, it be helpful.)

A George Foreman Grill would be a great thing to have in the pits, but if they don’t allow food in, how do you figure we will be able to get a hold of a loaf of bread, butter, and some cheese? I would rather have grilled cheese than a burger anyway.

sigh, we will be doing the same, it wouldn’t be practical to pull the audio out since we use it for general presentation purposes for our demonstrations and such. It just saddens me to not hear the boom boom anymore, lol