pic: Team 58 deploying ramps - www.riotcrew.org for more

Team 58’s bot with ramps deployed. Visit www.riotcrew.org for more pics and vids

Those ramps look great. As a ringer robot we look forward to having a team like you paired up with us.

We are also a ringer bot. We can place rings on all levels of the rack. The game should be a lot of fun this year. We’re going to the BAE Granite State Regional and then on to the Championships. Hope to see you there.

It looks very nice. Although, chances are the only time you might meet 1902 is in Atlanta, as they stick to more southern regionals than New Hampshire.

I was looking on your website, and saw you’re using the FPs alone to drive your robot. What drove that decision, weight? Or do you use the CIMs in other places?

We have 2 drive systems. The FPs drive our low gear torque drive only. Our other drive system is powered by 4 CIMs and is used for high speed driving.

See you at the BAE Regional.

What are you using to engage/disengage the two different drive systems you are using? Is it a simple two-speed transmission, but with two separate inputs? Could you perhaps provide a picture?

The secondary drive is actuate by the trigger on the drivers joystick. This fires a pneumatic cylinder and engages the drive motor. As long as the driver keeps his finger on the trigger the “torque drive” will stay in contact with the carpet. When the secondary drive is active the main drive wheeks still operate but at half speed. When the trigger is released the cylinder lifts the drive back off the carpet and the motors disengage.

Very nice… ramps look very simple and easy to get up… Definitly a bonus when you are in a hurry and don’t have much time to work with. Good Luck, and have a good time at your regional.