pic: Team 587 2008 modified joystick

This is a modified KOP joystick (I think this one is actually from 2005) that will be on our 2008 control board. We modified this joystick to try to get some of the feel of a CH Flightstick since we only have five working Flightsticks and they are getting kind of old. The handle is a piece of 1/2" Schedule 40 PVC pipe wrapped in adhesive foam and hot glued in place; the lighter and shorter handle drastically improves feel. We also added stronger springs. Together, these two mods have made this joystick have a feel as good as, if not better than, a CH Flightstick. The toggle switch is for shifting gears (it is positioned so a flick from the driver’s ring finger shifts). I thought I would post this since many teams are probably starting to finalize their controls around now and this is a simple mod that makes a big difference in joystick feel. It literally takes 15 minutes to do the stick mod. The spring mod took a couple of hours but that was because the springs required some time-consuming modifications to make them fit.

could you take a pic of the springs for us? or just open the bottom and take a pic of that? Thanks.

Sure, I’ll try to do that tomorrow.

cool, thank you much :slight_smile:

Could you please email/pm me a picture of the springs on the bottom? I would like to try and modify our flimsy joysticks…T_T.

Thanks in advance,
Programmer/Team 2348

i asked him to post it, lol, that way everyone can see

Sorry about taking so long guys. On Sunday nobody had a camera, not even a camera phone. Yesterday, I forgot to ask if anyone brought one. I think somebody will have a camera tonight, even if it is just a cell camera. So, either myself or another team member should be able to post it today/tomorrow.

There really isn’t much to see. There are a couple of little plastic “arms” inside the joystick with notches for holding a spring. What we did was take a couple of stronger springs we had lying around, cut them shorter, and bend the last coil to fit into the notch, which is what took so long (ever try to plastically deform spring steel?).

NB: to anyone attempting to modify the springs; the screws that hold the joystick together strip really easily. I had to drill them out to open the first joystick we modified (I screwed up the switch wiring on the first one, and had to retrieve the stronger springs from it for the second joystick). This was after just one or two disassemble/assemble cycles. Definitely use a screwdriver and not a hand drill w/ a screwdriver bit.

No problem for the wait :slight_smile:
ill just be glad to have the pic sometime before ship.
thank you very much :slight_smile:


Sorry for the slow reply. It sounds like the stronger springs will hopefully benefit many teams.

Thanks for posting this. I tore apart an old kitstick today and dremel’d down that plastic box thing thats on the left side with a slot… stuck a limit switch in & reused one of the buttons from the thumb aux buttons just below it. Epoxy’d them in.

For anyone else that takes theirs apart, unscrew it! I was thinking about just cutting the neck of the stick in half, but its actually super easy to take apart with about 8 screws or so.