pic: Team 5940 2017: Ciabatta

Team 5940 is proud to present our 2017 robot. It is yet to be named, but we just couldn’t wait to share it with everyone! Didn’t get to shoot actual video before it went in the bag, but expect some coming soon shot with the second robot. It features the following:

Drivetrain: 6 3.5" Colson wheels in a WCD setup using sliding bearing blocks. Driven by WCP Flipped DS gearboxes and #35 chain. Lasercut bellypan made of .1" aluminum with bottom mount battery.

Gear intake: 1 10:1 775Pro driving two rollers. Made of bent sheet aluminum using the WCP roller System to convey game pieces. Rollers are wrapped with Polyurethane tube to grip gears.

Arm: This is one of our favorite parts of the robot, and it was inspired by 1678 last year. 1 30:1 MiniCIM to raise and lower gears for placement on peg. Also intakes from human player station when in top position. Features a sliding cradle driven by two pneumatic pistons to release gears.

Scaler: 2 40:1 MiniCIMs driving a Velcro drum. Ratcheting wrench for backdrive protection.

Vision: Kangaroo mobile PC with OpenCV for gear placement in auto and automatic alignment in teleop.

And yes, it is Low Bar capable :slight_smile:

We’d like to thank our sponsors for their support this season: Oracle Education Foundation, NASA, Google, Apple, DeVincenzi Metal Products, R2 Semiconductor, Nvidia, American Medical Response, WestCoast Products, Gene Haas Foundation, and Design Tech High School.

We’d also like to thank Team 971 for machining our drivetrain for us.

See you at SF and SVR!

We’ve decided on a name! The 2017 bot will hereby be known as Ciabatta :).

Are you SURE you built for the right game?

Either way, such a sleek looking bot, congrats on that. I do notice you have two cameras mounted on front, but only one with a vision ring, what’s the purpose of the other one?

now I’m hungry

For reals, I like this robot. Way to keep it simple. My guess on the second camera: it’s for tracking gears on the floor.

Thanks guys!

The camera with the light ring is for vision. The other two are streaming to our driver station.

We know most teams wait until the offseason to release CAD, but we aren’t most teams. So, if you want to see how Cibatta ticks check out the Grabcad here: https://grabcad.com/library/ciabatta-1. Note that this is the pre-SFR CAD so some things have changed - expect updates at that Grabcad link.

As always, questions are welcome (and encouraged)!


Little reveal we threw together after SF.

If you make it to World Champs you could send that in an envelope instead of a crate!

Do you know the weight of this thing? It might be the lightest robot on FRC this year.

89.9 pounds with no bumpers or battery.

Here’s a photo as proof :stuck_out_tongue: