pic: Team 5940 Offseason project

If anyone was wondering why I needed old control system equipment, here’s why. As a design project for robotics and school, my group designed this tshirt cannon. It is currently incomplete as this CAD has no air storage or pneumatic equipment, but we should be adding that in soon. Note some of the things in this render (namely the big gear on the back that controls the tilt of the barrels) are probably not going to make it in to the final version, due to difficulty of manufacturing them. Feel free to ask questions and provide feedback, we would love to hear what you have to say!

Where do you plan to drive it? School football field, gymnasium, parade, etc.?

Sadly, our school doesn’t have a football field or gymnasium… We’re just in an auto body shop. Our plan with it (as I understand) is to license it out to other individuals, as well as use it to boost spirit for robotics and the school. Also it’ll be helpful when showing prospective sponsors what we’ve accomplished. That’s the plan, anyways.

3647 is also making one though it is quite different (http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=147697)

One big tip is to make the diameter of the t-shirts large enough so that air doesn’t leak around the t-shirt when you shoot. We were testing our mechanism and couldn’t figure out why it was going a really short distance and we found out it was because our t-shirts were rolled up too tight and didn’t make a seal for air to push.

Also, I should add that the wheels are AndyMark performance and have no tread in the CAD, but will have tread when the robot is actually built.

In that case, I would recommend using pneumatic tires. (unless those are pneumatic hubs already, and you just haven’t imported the tubes and tread)

What material are the little white things holding up the superstructure made of? They look kinda flimsy. The T-shirt shooter itself is not that heavy, so I suppose in theory you don’t need much support. Still, it would be bad if the whole top of the robot collapses the moment someone sits on it.

The white things holding up the superstructure is 1" or 3/4" angle, if I remember correctly. It was modeled off the superstructure of our 2016 robot Focaccia, as we used a less substantial version of that to attach our top rails. We’ve put plenty of things on the top of our 2016 bot and it’s held up just fine, so I think the shooter should be OK. Also, I don’t think we’re going to let anybody sit on it :slight_smile:

Something you may want to consider, and maybe you have, is using 2 batteries instead of one. Team 343’s t-shirt shooter uses 2 and it makes for a much longer run time for events especially since we run 2 on-board compressors to keep our air tank full. Our set-up does allow us to run on 1 battery, fully functional, which is also nice because sometimes there might only be 1 extra charged battery so we can swap around charged & almost dead batteries to keep it running continuously even with only 1 battery charger.

3647 also has a parallel battery connector.

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Or just use a car battery.

I would remove the bar stock supports and go with something much more robust. Unless you go with 1/4" stock you are going to have trouble with it bending when any force Is exerted. 1/4" would work but isn’t easy to bend with most equipment. Looking at pictures of your bot comparing them really isn’t a fair assessment. The bar stock just simply isn’t strong enough and will cause headaches.

Try to make something out of more tubing whether angled 1x1s or something else.

Thanks for the advice, will do!

EDIT: Just talked with our CAD people and those are actually a placeholder for 1"x1" tube welded to the frame and superstructure. My bad!

Thanks for the tip!