pic: Team 597

How are you mounting the bumpers?

My question exactly

I was wondering about the bumpers too. Plus I see the shorter sticks out the front, how does it sit in its starting position?

I like big robots! How much does it weigh?

What have to done to counteract the high center of gravity, if any at all?

your robot looks a lot like ours…8 wheels, poly cord movers…nice bot.

I would also be concerned about your turreted shooter going outside the frame. Even if it is your one appendage, it looks as through there could be a moment when the corner of the turret AND one of your 500 motors are outside of the frame at the same time. Which would be illegal as they are not one contiguous mechanism.

However, you still have four days to make any changes to your robot, so do not be discouraged!

(and it could just be the camera angle)


did someone misread the weight limit? :wink:

Thing looks like a beast… good luck.

Must be the angle…it only weighs about 95 pounds right now. Why what is the weight limit, like 80 pounds? :wink:

Of course it’s the angle - you know the camera adds 10 pounds, right?

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