pic: team 60 hearding


The bot looks amazing along with 254’s.

I was wondering how this style of herding was working for your team? Why did you go with short “swing-out” arms instead of longer? Have you tried getting the balls into the HP corral with that angle across the bottom of the opening?

Also, what motor(s) powers your winch and how fast is the winch?

Good luck from Team 302!

They use their drivetrain to power their winch. You can see how exactly they do it in the teaser pictures of their drivetrain.


It was for control, weight, and size restrictions.

It works very well. It is one of the best tasks that we do.


We too are using that style herding.
We used a similar subsystem last year to “herd” bins around.
We implemented a bit of a lighter version this year for herding…
Glad to hear it works well, we never really got a chance to test it out.
Good luck!