pic: Team 60 Robot


…and yet another overly engineered robot by team 60 :wink: , whos butt ya gonna kick this year? :smiley:

All I want to know is…

Who’s Laron?

Overly engineered?
Seems like one of the more simple, elegant robots I’ve seen… Which is of course, exactly what I’d expect from Kingman.

Looks amazing.
I can’t wait to see it perform. I’m especially interested in the arm/tripleclaw interaction, and the drive-powered winch.

Good Luck in 2004… let the “butt kicking” begin. :wink:


John, perhaps you didnt catch the sarcasm in my post… i remember '02’s bot from 60, and this one seems like a work of artistic measure. i was being stupid and sarcasm is stupid ;), just breathe

Laron Engineering is one of their sponsors and also one of the biggest machine shops west of the Mississippi.

Is it just me or is the chain on the right side of the picture bigger than the chain in the center or the left of the picture? Any reason for this? They seem to be serving the same purpose.


The chain on the left is powering the upper “elbow” joint. The chain on the right is powering the lower “shoulder” joint. This design seems VERY similar to Kingman’s 2000 arm. (check out firstrobotics.net for more details).

You can see the chain on the left actually turns a tube which rotates OVER the main arm pivot, then that tube turns the spocket in the center, which drives the chain running vertically up through the “lower arm” section to power the elbow.

Pretty slick…


**amazing bot guys!!! :smiley:

i was just wondering…what is the purpose of that piston to the right, it doesnt look like it is suposed to do nething, or is it :rolleyes:

again, awsome job guys, it looks amazing :smiley: **

As a 60 alumni I just wanted to say that Laron Inc is one of the biggest supporters of the FIRST community. They have been with 60 since the beginning. They have donated machine time, engineering inspiration, and assistance to numerous teams all over, as you can see by Gunn’s banner in the background. Last year they sent an entire machine shop to the Arizona Regional from Kingman to Phoenix which is about 225 miles. They also paid to send down machinist to help teams machine parts for their robots. And indeed they are one of the larges machine shops in the country. I just wanted to write and let everyone who doesn’t already know who Laron is, just who they are…an huge asset to the entire FIRST Community.

It could be #60’s year!!!

Isn’t every years team 60’s year? :wink: They ALWAYS do well… look at their robot!! It is always carefully thought out and well executed!

I cannot wait to see it in person.