pic: Team 60

Our robot from the side

Very interesting looking arm on top, how will you be shooting the ball? Also, that’s a pretty standard looking drivetrain for a game like this! How’s it been getting over the obstacles?

Can’t wait to see what you guys can do at Vegas!

Looks like a great robot. One question though what are you using the extendable arm for?

There is a pneumatic catapult style shooter in the robot. It has actually been handling them really well…I never saw the need for pneumatic tires or a tank like drive.

The whole arm pivots to a little past vertical and the yellow is part of the linear actuator which will be used for hanging.

I agree for the most part, but what about the moat? Our drivetrain when it isn’t being actuated is very similar to yours and it cant get over the moat or ramparts very well.

It gets kicked to the side a little bit…but hopefully our gyroscope will solve that issue…other than that as long as we aren’t going really slow we make it over.

“Who’s got two thumbs and a functioning robot? THIS GUY!”