pic: Team 604 2009 robot

See you at SVR, Davis, and Atlanta. Videos will be posted soon.

looks nice, see you at all 3 comps

Beautiful. Reminds me of a cross between 254’s hopper and 114’s shooter from 2005. How does it run against our older robots?
(And bonus points to whoever thought of putting lightning bolts on the shooter.)

You mean from 2006 right?

And we planned on putting lightning bolts somewhere on the bot before the season started, so when we designed the shooter we decided to add it on. We tried firng into a moving 2008 robot pulling a trailer, and it worked well until the 08 driver started driving way too fast (it still has the high traction wheels on)

hey gabe,
the robot is so smooth, check it out:


The pictures don’t do this robot justice, your promo video really highlights the speed of this system. I’m very impressed with the overall design. No doubt this will be one of the strongest shooters at Davis this year.

PS I want my shooter back, and flipped over please :stuck_out_tongue:

The video is AMAZING!!! THe camera actually reliably works for the first year and the shooter speed is excellent. If I may say so this may be the most successful design ever (except for 2005:P ). I will definately be keeping track of your progress.

Awesome job guys.

It will only take a few well-aimed super cells to dominate with a bot like that :slight_smile:

Maybe another 604, 100, 971 alliance this year? eh? :wink:

Cory and I simultaneously agreed… it looks like alien from aliens.

In other words, it looks freaking awesome. Also performs great.

I’d focus on the ram and “turreted dump” like 1114 demonstrated in their videos.

Haha perhaps. Your robot looks really great, and it looks like 971 turned out a nice machne, too (judgng by pics and videos on their website. I hope they fix their jamming issues though).

The jamming issues will be remedied if I have anything to say about it :-P. On topic, looks like an excellent machine. See y’all at SVR!