pic: Team 604 -- 2009 Teaser #1

We’ll be scoring from the pits!

Haha, nice little trick there. I figured out your joke. :rolleyes:

Ha, ha… but I think that range is a little excessive for this game.:slight_smile:

maybe you’ll be able to actually launch an orbit ball into orbit 0.o

WOW… Geez, that reminds me of something. Oh yeh, spring. Green grass and sunshine. Thanks for posting, it cheered me up for some reason.I’m in michigan maybe that’s why.

Was that medieval war machine posted in its original form sometime earlier (before build season)?

extends past robot footprint :frowning:

Oh you mean this?:smiley:

Same one alright, wonder what you guys could have possibly come up with for this year. See you guys at SVR and Davis

Yeah. I thought the design looked familiar.