pic: Team 604 -- 2010 Teaser #1

Tank tread rollers?

Thats hot. XD How long did you guys spend on those?

I love the always high caliber 604 teasers

I agree.
You know you’re a roboticist when you say that plastic rollers are hot. :smiley:

mmm, ima have to agree with the rest of my team’s posts…those are hot.

I hope, I hope, I hope… for tank treads.

However, these parts don’t have a tracking groove, so probably no tank treads.

This could be way off…

254 style linear slides? And yet to be fully turned pulleys for a lift?

It took about 3 hours to make those. We made over 100 various other parts for the robot(s) that day. :smiley:

did you do those at the roche pharmaceutical’s machine shop?

are those bearing block spacers or bushings?

You’ll see in a few weeks =)