pic: Team 604 -- 2010 Teaser #2

Four robots?

Is it just me, or are a lot of teams making a lot of parts this year?





But I’m pretty sure you’re trying to pull a fast one about building four robots, Eugene. I’m thinking two, each with two layers/levels of channel for the frame. Guess I’ll find out at SVR!

Hopefully the shipping doesn’t cost too much :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I think I can guess one team in a collaboration with 1323…

Either that, or it’s really for 2 robots and arranged so we’ll think it’s 4.

Then again, reading the engraving on the rightmost pair, it’s the team identification for 604. If there is any on the others, it’s on the bottom.

Minimalism is for the weak!

A lot of times for the efficient and intelligent! :wink:

Im thinking 2 robots. 4 tubes per robot making up the wheel modules.

Yes well said, plus why not build more than one robot when you can. You make it that much better for yourself.