pic: Team 61 robot week 3

6 motor lift using AndyMark PTO.

Is that a ratchet milled into the winch? If so, how does it work?

Isn’t this quite a bit overkill for just one robot? Are you planning on lifting two partners?

Also, your gearbox configuration is very interesting. It seems that you have three 2 cim gearboxes. Am I correct in guessing that the back two are for your drivetrain and the middle one is for your lift?

Yes the ratchet is milled in. There is a locking rod to stop it

The front two run the wheels, the one in back runs the winch. Then a push of a button they all run the winch. Plenty of power.

It amazes me when teams that have no contact come up with similar ideas. Love the PTO. Takes a lot of beef to lift two robots.
Good luck this season