pic: team 61 robot


Team 61 Robot 2 days before we shipped

hmmm…something about that bot seems strangely familiar…looks good see ya @ UCF…

http://www.valleytech.k12.ma.us/robotics/images/2004Pictures/2004_224Robot1.jpg :stuck_out_tongue:

How high can you cap with that sucker? Looks very clean and sharp, sweet bot.

We can go as high as we need. We go 12’ now but can go to 16’ if we want by adding 1 more stage.

Are arm goes out and can come back in when needed. we can go in the middle of the goals if wanted.

The robot got thinner and longer than past years. We went with 30x60mm instead of just 30x30mm extrude Alum. for the lift.

The power, well we will let people see for themselves.

Is it the hallway background??? :smiley:

Using that handtruck for the wheels gives you great ground clearance, but are you sure you still need those treads?

Nice 'bot.

nope, i think it might of been the hand truck!!

:ahh: WOW This robot looks awsome.
:smiley: Also very familiar, I can’t wait to see it at UCF.

Good Luck

Looks like you are using the same type of arm lifting system we are. I Like the tank tread! looks very good!

I don’t know…it looks like a sailboat to me. Where’s the water??? :rolleyes:

Maybe they should make a sail for it with the team number on it :ahh: