pic: Team 61

Team 61 robot

This cant be team 61! Where is the wooden base?? Where are the tracks??? Where is the 80-20 Arm???

Looks good guys, good luck!


I’m shocked :ahh: wow what a change for team 61 from the past years. I’m sure this robot will turn out to be as much of a power house as your past machines. Best of luck to your team. I can’t wait to see this machine in action at PARC!

wait till you see the video’s =)

Yes it is true no tracks this year, first time in 12 years no tracks.

Power, we tested this robot against last year robot. No problem moving last years around. we added a couple of surprises this year.

We are also using air for the first time in 12 years.

The great thing about this is the CG is only about 7 " off the ground.

For shooting using the two big CIM’s motors the wheel stays true to speed. so we can shoot very fast without the wheel slowing down.

The picture looks like 90% true to the robot.

real robot picture soon to come on

So I guess every post you’ve ever made about how tracks can outpush wheels is false?


no, we are not saying that. The way we have it geared will out push tracks. The “special” tires will out push tracks. come on now…

looking good!!!
i have some questions for you guys. what is your basic strategy - aim high or bottom feed?
do you have to pick up balls from the floor or can a human shoot balls into your bot? what are you guys better at offense or defense?
what are you doing during autonomous mode?