pic: Team 61

Team 61 robot

no way, i thought this day would never come. 61 not using belts! i was getting to like your belt drive systems.

The secret is out… ahhhhhhhhhhh

wow no treads… im extremly surprised but i am assuming they are just going to be as powerful and as fast as they have been in past years… maybe it was for manuverability???

We have more power this year than last year. Track are nice and it has been 12 year of tracks. This is a new year for us. Thanks to Andy Marks stuff we are fast and strong.

Doesn’t look like it can hold very many balls though. How amny can it hold?

Team Designer/Driver

atleast 17

Looks pretty cool

I’m assuming then that there’s plexiglass/lexan holding the balls in place? If not, that’s impressive with just 2 bars.