pic: Team 610 - 2013 Electronics Board

Greetings Teams,

Attached is a photo of our competition 2013 Electronics Board.

The team got the motors on the drivetrain spinning last night, and have begun work on the secondary board. There’s still a radio, compressor, solenoids + manifold to mount.

The reduced robot dimensions have made electronics a real challenge this year. Despite this, the team has found a way to add more and more motors to the drivetrain. In fact, some members have gotten a little over excited about the more relaxed motor rules…

“When in doubt, just add another CIM!”

Good God! Is that 4 CIMs per side for the drivetrain?

I thought only 6 cim’s were allowed this year.

Looks like 3 CIMs per side, there is a 4th on one side resting above the frame, it doesn’t look mounted to me, and are those versa wheels I see? Nice job, looks great!

6 CIMs, 2 miniCIMs? Or extra CIM to confuse? Seems like the driver will be the power source for climbing? I’m no expert on mechanical matters, but maybe the pneumatic cylinder engages a power take-off. **Is seems like shifters are unnecessary with so much power on the drive as you can be both fast and pushy.

Just a guess, so feel free to prove me wrong.

We’ll miss you at the Phoenix Regional this year.

I wish I could coax our students to properly label the wires such as I see here. Nice job!

That’s a pretty nifty drive-train you got there. Wonder how you are going to do the other activations. On the cool part you can just speed too wherever you want. Love the robot so far!

Looks like another stellar drivetrain for 610.

Intriguing #35 chain there. Even more intriguing is the massive smiley face.

This picture makes me happy my team is using talons.:slight_smile:

One of those gears in the drivetrain looks a little out of place. I would guess it’s there for pto

Agreed, 6/8 “CIM” single speed w/ PTO.

Beautiful job so far!

Ooh…strong drivetrain. Me gusta. Me gusta mucho.

This thing looks like it’s built for power. That PTO seems good with the 6 CIMs, but if it’s not a PTO, that seems a little bit of overkill for a DT in a game where defense isn’t going to be too common.

I dunno, man. This is the most open field since 2007 (excluding 2009 for obvious reasons). I feel like this is a good year to gain an advantage with incredible drive trains, but I get that feeling just about every year.

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The smiley is covering SOOMMETHIIINNG…:rolleyes:

No the robot is just happy that after build tonight its going to Tim Hortons.

Where’s the Chief Delphi “like” button?

Be right back, getting a large double double from the timmies around the corner.


Oh, why do you taunt me so? Here I am stuck in Texas with no Timmy’s to be found for over a thousand miles…

Looks good! Very elegant PTO setup.

Oh, why do you taunt me so? Here I am stuck in Texas with no Timmy’s to be found for over a thousand miles…

I’ve got a tin of coffee in my pantry and shipping to Texas is only $10.35 via Canada Post. The offer is out there!

Michigan has Timmy’s Of course, we drive South to go to Canada…:wink: