pic: Team 610 and Team 188 at GTR



It was an epic alliance. A big thanks to team 188 for their gracious professionalism.

I know it was because of rules and all, but that finals match…That was downright awful, I really felt for 188 and their alliance with that ruling.

You guys were tremendous at your regionals. Best of luck in Atlanta, I hope we’re in the same division.

FIRST: Where a Coyote, a Blizzard, and an Ice Cube can play on the moon.

We had a blast playing with you guys. GTR was off the hook.

That was an epic alliance! :cool:

174 salutes it’s aliance captain 188 from FLR for their continued success this year!

Don’t worry we lost by 8 points, feel the same way you do.:frowning: It was in the third match two, we each dominated each other once and then it was soooo close that “real-time” scoring showed a tie. It is still amazing to be a finalist, at least for me!:smiley:

Actually, 1507 was both of our alliance captain at FLR :o.

And the Warlocks are certainly a team that deserves a salute!

Hope to see all of you in Atlanta.

Would love to have seen 610 in Atlanta as well - I must echo the sentiment that this is one of the best teams in FIRST NOT going to Atlanta.

We certainly were close to getting you guys there though!