pic: Team 610 - Electronics Board

A close-up shot of what our electronics look like as of Feb 3rd, 2011. Interestingly enough, all the electronics and pneumatics required for the entire robot are in this shot, they just aren’t hooked up to the top half off the robot yet… In fact, the electronics team is actually having hard time finding the top half of the robot. Maybe you can help them find it!

Looks like a west coast 8 wheel drive single speed single jointed pincher from 610 this year, unless that’s an old arm.

Simple wins championships. Looking good, 610.


Looks really good Shaun! I see you guys are making good use of the new CNC Router. I didn’t think I’d see a day when 610 used cantilevered wheels… a lot has changed for the better since I was there. Looks like a 8 wheel drive to me, is that a custom gear box or just custom plates? shifting or no?

I hope you guys got a chance to look back on 610’s '07 bot’s manipulator (even though its here in Kingston with me :p).

I’m personally excited to get a chance to play with you guys at GTR West this year, I know my team is too.

Battery in back, ultrasonic sensor in front… Mike and I are putting money on elevator/forklift.

Ohh and Mike says ribbon cable instead of those huge 30+ pin connectors is a good investment.

Clean and organized. I like. Looks like it’d be easy to access during competition too. Hope it goes well.

I’ll second the call for ribbon cable! We made our own custom-length 37-pin cable this year for our robot, and it’s amazing how much nicer everything looks, and what a difference a low-profile header makes!

Are those two bots in your picture? One for practice?

*side note: by the title of recent blog entries the alumni are still as stubborn as ever. “bam not cantilevered”](http://kbotics.ca/2011/01/29/bam-not-cantilevered/):smiley:

In answer to a few questions: Yes, it’s an 8WD cantilevered design. We actually did cantilevered wheels last year as well… The gearboxes are re-packaged supershifters. No, we aren’t building a forklift. And yes, we have installed the ribbon cable. Looks much nicer now.