pic: Team 610-Teaser Type Thingey

Not really a teaser, but a cool arrangement of some of the pieces that will be on our robot. Enjoy!

Those treads work really well, MOE experimented with those last year and they were almost chosen to be one gizMOE but they didn’t have the best traction on the upper platform, but they worked great on the carpet.

6 wheels, eh? I’ll have to stop by your pit for a closer look at UC Davis. :smiley:

Looking good…What did you guys use to attatch the treads to the wheels?

are those the 8" skyway wheels that came in kit?

Nope, those are our beautiful 6-inch lathed wheels, and we basically drilled screws through the triangles of the tread, straight into the tire. Will post a video of us lathing the tire off, it’s a fun one. :slight_smile:

Davis eh? we’ll be easy to find. Just follow the sounds of Eh? and Aboot :slight_smile:

Two questions…It looks like to me the treads could possibly come off of the wheel hub, how likely is that versus a regular solid wheel? And, how much more traction do you get from treaded wheels instead of regular wheels?

A standard skyway wheelchair caster wheel (like the ones included in the KOP) has a coefficient of friction of about 0.7-0.8.

“Wedgetop” Inclined conveyor belting (As seen above) has a coefficient of about 1.2-1.4. (Or more, depending who you talk to).

So… you’re just about doubling your traction by switching to the tread. Not shabby, if you’re robot is geared low enough to utilize it.

If you are interested in “wedgetop” just surf on over to www.mcmaster.com and type in part no: 60155K11

I also like the gum rubber “roughtop” - 5994K811
(What 229 is using this season).

May your wheels never slip, unless you’re pushing an immovable object, and may your breakers never exceed 50 amps continuous loading,

We’ve actually got the chances of having it fall off pretty low, there’s a self-tapping wood/metal screw once every 4-5 diamonds which goes straight into the tread, it’s really sturdy. When we put… basically almost any amount of weight on these things, we can’t slip them.