pic: Team 612: 2009 Drivetrain Teaser

Feel free to ask questions

I’ve got a question… 2 parts: 1) how can it be a 2009 drivetrain teaser when the game was release mere hours ago, 2) i guess you’ll be switching those traction wheels out for the rover wheels in the KOP?

EDIT: Also, I’d be impressed if you don’t throw those belts. Those CIMs are powerful motors, and those cogs don’t appear to have any sort of retention method.

The picture was posted on the 2nd of January.

Sorry 612- I guess it’s back to the drawing board…

Hmm, maybe due to the lack of friction on the ground material, possibly belts will be a better choice. Due to the point of weight? Less friction means, less chance for the belts to be torn apart?

:D. Illegal Wheels. I guess this is what Bill was saying on his blog.

We didn’t go too far after reading that blog post. Started to work on a generic 6WD design, but it went nowhere, and that looks like a good thing now.

Remember, people, you always want to heed the advice of FIRST officials. :smiley:

We have been using belts for about 2 years now and we still have yet to damage them what so ever.

We started work on a pretty gen 6wd design and it turns out to be absolutely peachywonderful for this year.

Luck, it’s nice to have it.