pic: Team 612 - 2009


Introducing Team 612’s 2009 Robot equipped with front wheel steering, traction control and a speedy manipulator.

We will be attending New Jersey, NASA/VCU and Championship.

Just make sure you have a interesting autonomous mode or 7 moon rocks may appear in your trailer.

EDIT: Promo Video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SyykKcfnow4

NJ should be mad fun with you guys coming. Where do you plan on staying for the weekend?

I’ll be sure to drop by your pit. =) Cya guys soon!

Here is a little promo video we scrapped together to better explain our robot: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SyykKcfnow4

Unfortunately the only video we have of us “Power Dumping” is before we received our extra jaguars in the mail, which explains the use of a battery directly connected to the motor. Rather than having jaguar problems we have had victor problems and have made the switch over to only jaguars.

Now on the robot, the motor the top brush is connected to a jaguar and we have reduced the speed by about half to allow for better accuracy from short range. Also when we are trying to score our main chute will be turning to feed the balls in, which actually feeds them in faster than the student in the video.

3 days till New Jersey!

Hmmm are you the guys who wear black and yellow with like under armor or whatever? Or am i thinking of someone else?

Well we were, the under Armour days for the drive team have passed us. Well at least at New Jersey you won’t be seeing it, VCU and Championship maybe a different story.


Black? Yellow? You thinkin of MORT too much Danny. :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, can’t wait to see 612, I really admire your team.

Thanks Akash! Over here we’re a big fan of the simple and solid robots your team puts out year after year. Looking forward to seeing MORT their, this should be a very competitive regional.

I love the cantilevered hopper! Good luck this season!