pic: Team 612 - 2009

Don’t forget about 612 on Newton this year:

New additions for Atlanta:

  1. Brand new roller for scoring which will fix our jamming problems we have had before by reducing ball compression.

  2. New Camera Tracking method, at VCU we had problems with adding the servo functionality but after hammering at it back in the shop we have the fix. Should be back to it’s tracking status from New Jersey but don’t just take my word, check it out on the field.

Glad you finally got a pic up, Shan.

Don’t sleep on 612 this year. They have who may be the best Student Coach I’ve met in all of my Time in FIRST. They’re also one of the better defensive bots out there and they can score a moon rock… or 12. :wink:

Not to mention 612 is a complete class act. Good luck in Newton guys!:slight_smile:

Thanks guys! Good luck 816 and 11, hope to see you guys on the field again :wink:

From all of us at 2068 we are rooting for you guys in Atlanta!