pic: Team 612 - 2012 Robot



  • 6 wheel drive using 8in Andymark Pneumatic Wheels
  • 2 Speed transmission, 12fps high, 4fps low
  • Can cross the bridge or barrier


  • Located in the back of the robot to allow teams to “A-Bomb” us.
  • Powered by 2 Andymark 9015 motors


  • 3, 4 7/8" Banebots Wheels Powered by 2 6073 Fisher price motors
  • Hood is controlled by a window motor
  • 1 Andymark gearmotor for turret rotation

This picture does not do the students justice for how much engineering that went into the robot. During week 4 we lost our sheet metal sponsor, and had to redesign the frame from scratch. While myself and other mentors were letting out our frustration, the students didn’t even flinch. In the next 4 days a brand new frame was designed, built, and welded.

Moral of the story, CAD is a beautiful thing.

Way to rise above the challenges and from a veteran team like you guys, a welcome addition to the regional. Can’t wait to see the beast in action.

And like the shorter frame. Aiming to be the middle robot on a bridge in Tournament play I hope.

It’s hard to say, but 612 will not be competing at the Virginia Regional. Thank you for the kind words, good luck this year!

I was so bummed when I went through event registrations at the beginning of the year and you weren’t at THE Virginia Regional and we were going to Raleigh instead of DC this time.

Big fan of the drive train and the bridge dropper/wheelie bar on a wide bot. Kinda like ours. Your bots usually do’t mes around on the field. Good luck thi year.

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Tis a shame. Lot of those 600 level teams that made VCU great are gone elsewhere or gone. Still a good robot though. Best of luck with it and show them how it’s done.

Shan, robot’s looking legit. Do I see a little bit of 'Stang 2006 in there?

You are correct :wink: . But its not a complete copy of course, we added our own flair, and molded it to the teams strategy.